Oscar Wilde’s Mason membership certificate goes on public display for the first time

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Exhibition at Reading museum focuses on Freemason history

History lovers will be able to see Oscar Wilde’s Masonic membership certificate for the first time ever during a special exhibition, writes Kayleigh Brookfield.

A ‘Not So Secret Look at 300 Years of Freemasonry in Society’ talk will take place at Reading Museum on April 29.

Mark Dennis, the leading international expert on Freemasonry will hold the public talk which will start at 2pm.

He will be giving an illustrated talk explaining how this so called secret fraternity has been involved in society over the past three centuries.

The talk complements the current display ‘Berkshire Freemasonry’s not so secret history’ at Reading Museum.

A highlight from the exhibition is Oscar Wilde’s Masonic membership certificate, on which Wilde’s ‘Masons Mark’ can be seen.

The item is on a temporary loan from London’s Museum of Freemasonry and this is the first time ever that Oscar Wilde’s certificate has been put on public display.

This is one of the very few items directly connected to him that contains his signature.

The exhibition is open to the public until Saturday May 27 in the Reading People and Place Gallery.

Tickets to the talk cost of £5 including afternoon tea. Booking on 0118 937 3400 or in person at the museum is essential.

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