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Officers of A Masonic Lodge

A handy list if your a new Mason, and need to get your bearings

Lodge Officers are as follows:

Worshipful MasterTo rule and direct the Lodge
Senior WardenMaster’s first assistant
Junior WardenMaster’s second assistant
ChaplainTo offer up prayers when required
TreasurerTo manage the Lodge’s financial affairs
SecretaryTo manage all the Lodge’s administrative matters
Director of CeremoniesTo be responsible for all ceremonial matters
AlmonerTo care for the welfare of members and families
Charity StewardTo encourage members in Fund raising for charities
MentorTo guide and enlighten members in Masonic matters as may be required
Senior DeaconTo attend candidates for 2nd & 3rd Degrees
Junior DeaconTo attend candidates for 1st Degree and assist as required
Inner GuardTo admit Masons and receive candidates
StewardsTo assist as required in the Lodge and afterwards at dinner
TylerTo deny access to unqualified persons and to prepare candidates for their entry
OrganistTo provide music as and when required
Immediate Past MasterTo assist the Master (his successor) if needed
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