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Netley Regatta & Summer Fayre – Freemasonry in the Community – Hampshire & IOW

Freemasonry in the Community – Hampshire & IOW



What promised to be a super day at the Netley Regatta & Summer Fayre last Saturday, with the sun shining and lots of people soon changed! – We were all set up well before 10a.m. with the event opening officially at 11a.m. The morning saw glorious sunshine and a lot of people attending.

We had some interest, in particular a nice chat with a lady who used to waitress over 30 years ago at Woolston! We also had a lady from the Parish council visit to ask what we were all about, we spend a good deal of time chatting with her and she ended up chatting with a lady mason from another stall which was excellent.

The person planning the location of the stalls had an excellent sense of humour, we along with 4 other stalls all had masons running them … we were all put in the North East part of the field!

The event was well attended by myself, Andy Venn and Paul Ferris, during the afternoon we had Chris Gardener, Davis Baldwin, David Baron and Sydney Aynsworth turned up too.

After lunch the heavens opened and together with very heavy rain, hail, thunder and lightning, most of the public disappeared leaving the field very muddy. Shortly after, many stalls packed up, leaving only a few left including us. At around 14.30, during the brief sunny spell, I decided to do the same. As soon as I’d closed the car door the heavens opened again and didn’t stop for over an hour.

We certainly saw the best of the weather today and made the most of it when the sun did shine. It is a nice venue and has a lot of potential, with this I have asked to be booked in again next year.


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