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Monmouthshire’s Royal Arch visit to Staffordshire

12.4.16 PGC 03312.4.16 PGC 082

On a lovely sunny day in April, the Deputy Grand Superintendant (centre) Robert H. Arundel, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, (left) Robert H. Fountain and the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal (right, that’s me by the way!!) Anthony M. Halse travelled to the County Showground at Stafford. What a wonderful venue and the welcome we received was second to none. The meeting was the first official visit of the new 2nd Grand Principal (Russell John Race) and I feel sure that he enjoyed himself just as much as ourselves. We had an entertaining trip up with the navigational skills of our 2nd Principal Robert adding at least 15 minutes to our journey whilst viewing some of the quaint side streets of Stafford trying to get back on the correct road that we had so confidently left. The meeting was extremely well attended by Provinces from far and wide and the general feel of the meeting was friendship and hospitality. Congratulations Staffordshire we look forward to you visiting us in June.

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