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Migration of Members | Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire

Migration of Members

The following is the contents of a letter sent out to the Lodge Secretaries by the Provincial Grand Secretary:

“I wish to bring to your attention an important new initiative which arises from a Provincial Grand Masters’ Forum Meeting and which addresses the need to assist those Brethren who, because of retirement, change of job, the wish to move away from our Province to live nearer family members or for other understandable reasons, would benefit from the positive scheme which is now in place.

The objective of the scheme is, firstly, to give the best possible help and assistance to Brethren to whom this will apply in confirming their requirements, discussing options and passing on welcoming information regarding the new Province to which they will be locating, and, secondly, to reduce  those avoidable losses to our membership which can and do occur, including from resignations.

Each Province is asked to appoint a Dedicated Provincial Officer (DPO) and, once a change of address  is identified as significant, the DPO should be informed of this by the Brother’s Lodge and the DPO will then implement a procedure with a view to helping the Brother
concerned to seek membership of a new Lodge in the area where he will be living.

The Dedicated Provincial Officer in the Province of Lincolnshire is W Bro Keith Appleton PPrJGD, who can  be contacted by email at or by telephone at the Provincial Office on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings. He has already been pleased to help a Brother who has moved to Devon from Lincolnshire and has been introduced to a Lodge there in which he has settled happily.

Although the likely numbers involved will be small, it will nevertheless be of real and lasting benefit to those to whom it will apply, and I would therefore be grateful if you would bring the introduction of the Migration Scheme to the attention of the Brethren
of your Lodge.”

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