Meriden Masonic Temple Goes up for Sale

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The Meriden Masonic Temple in Meriden, Connecticut has just been put on the market.

From the website today:

The Masonic temple on East Main Street is listed for sale and the lodges that occupy the space are trying to relocate to a smaller location in the city. 

Tom Gondek, president of the Meriden Masonic Temple Foundation, said although the 20,250-square-foot temple fulfills the needs of Center Lodge 97 and Meridian Lodge 77, membership can no longer sustain the cost of occupying the space.

“It can house a lot of people. The problem is a lot of people aren’t coming,” Gondek said. “The donations that we use to support the building aren’t nearly enough… It takes about $120,000 a year to run that building and we are probably in a shortfall of $35,000 to $40,000 a year.”

The three-story building was constructed in 1927 specifically for use as a Masonic Temple.

The Temple is home to  Meridian Lodge 77 (yes, I know, different spelling), Center Lodge 97, the Meriden Masonic History Museum,  and several appendant bodies.

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