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Masonic Defibrillator in Action in Swanage | Dorset Freemasonry

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Masonic Defibrillator in Action in Swanage.

The public access defibrillator attached to the exterior of the Masonic Hall at Marshall Row, Swanage was called into action this morning (Wednesday 31 May 2016). A member of the public whose heart was had stopped beating was treated where he collapsed.

A powerful electric charge was fired into the patient’s chest following instructions given by the automatic machine’s sensors. Heartbeat and breathing were restored and the individual was then transported to hospital having been brought back to consciousness.

Further information as to the on-going condition of the patient is not yet available but it is certain that, without the availability of the equipment, a life would certainly have been lost.

Dorset Freemasons installed 17 AED machines for public use in key locations around the County around 4 years ago as a service to the Community.

The Provincial Grand Master for Dorset, Richard Merritt, said, “The Freemasons of Dorset are proud to have been able to provide this service to the public and it is gratifying to know that our strategically located machines are available 24 hours a day to assist the saving of lives in the treatment of acute cases of heart failure.

We hope the Bournemouth Daily Echo and Dorset Echo as well as BBC South Today, ITV News Meridian and BBC Radio Solent pick up this terrific story.

Masonic Defibrillator in Action in Swanage.

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