Lodge of Amity No. 137 Founders Night

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Dorset Freemasonry 

Interesting fact!! When extensive alterations to The Poole Masonic Hall were under way in 1926 it was not possible for the Lodge of Amity No. 137 to hold their customary post-meeting meal.

Instead, The Brethren “feasted” upon bread, Dorset blue vinny, pickled onions, draught ale and a peculiar brew of punch, followed by the use of tobacco in Churchwardens’ pipes, the floor of the dining room being covered with builder’s sawdust.

This became the foundation of what is now celebrated as Founders’ Night every November, when the refreshments are of a similar nature and the floor still covered in sawdust, the room being lit by candle power.

For those of you who are Freemasons….. heres the flyer, send an email to amity137.dining@gmail.com to book!

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