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Laudable Pursuit

If you’ve never read it and are struggling with rejuvenating a faltering or troubled lodge, check out “Laudable Pursuit” by the Knights of the North HERE.  It’s hard to believe that this has been out for a dozen years now, and yet plenty of Masons have still never run across it before. The online version is free for anyone, and there’s a Lulu hard copy booklet available at cost, as well. It could probably use some updating in some areas, but it still holds up today because, sadly, so many items discussed in it have not changed in over a decade.

It was never thought to be a silver bullet for lodge problems. Rather, it was supposed to be the starting point for Masons to examine their lodge and find answers of their own to create a better experience for their members. The Knights were a collection of about a dozen Masons from Indiana and other states, as well as Canada. There were lodge Masters, rank and file Masons, and even a Past Grand Master involved, and it started life as an online forum discussion over two booklets originally written by Dwight Smith in the early 1960s. It was cobbled together from everyone’s responses, given an introduction and a conclusion, and posted online anonymously – as self preservation against some who wanted us all suspended if they found us. Since that time, it has mostly lost its original reputation as heresy. Many of the ideas contained in it have become plans of grand masters, motivated rule changes across the country, and helped along lodge rejuvenation efforts. It helped to shape ideas that became a part of the philosophy behind the Masonic Restoration Foundation. Some of the “Knights” went on to write books, form new lodges, and even became the core founders of the Masonic Society.
All of that came about starting with this single document.

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