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Land of Hope and Glory – Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham

Land of Hope and Glory


Civic Lodge held yet another splendid St Georges night, this being the biggest event in their Masonic diary. Some 120 guests, from all around the Province, filled Burdon Road to the rafters, on previous years, the lodge had just been opened, business done and then closed for the long festivities to start, but due to an influx of candidates, this year, they decided to conduct a live initiation ceremony for this occasion.

The Worshipful Master, Terry Richardson conducted an excellent ceremony, well supported by all of the lodge officers. Civic also decided that they were not to have a collection at the closing of the lodge, instead, gift aid envelopes were placed on the tables laid out at the festive board and that all proceeds were to go to the 2021 Festival.

The candidate, Mr Alan Batey, who came out of the lodge room a newly made Freemason to a whole new level of bewilderment, having found out he had to give a response to his proposer, Terry, in front of an extremely large number of ‘party mood’ fellow members dressed up in all their glory of dinner suits, patriotic waistcoats and bow ties, ready and waiting to start their boisterous flag waving and exercising their vocal chords.

Civic lodge, have, under the guidance of Terry Richardson, this year, tried to introduce more of a fine dining experience into their usual festive board, this night was no different except for the tables being dressed in the glory of the red and white cross of St George inclusive of red white and blue the candles in the candelabra’s.

The Harmony for the night was provided by the excellent vocalist Martha Hayward, who travelling up for the evening from Barnsley, Yorkshire, along with our own Richard Davison accompanied on piano by Janette Waugh, they provided a medley of songs from well known musicals.

Then, as in previous years, Ralph Boutflower,  The Provincial Almoner, on his night off, made a guest appearance as the “Warrior Saint” St George, to the delight of the crowd, to kick off the rest of the festivities in the ‘last night of the proms’ style, flag waving choruses, of Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia and ‘Pack up your Troubles’. The larger than life, Bill Crystal, then burst onto the scene to step it up a notch on the guest vocals.

This whole event had been Organised, again, by Billy Finkle who has no doubt already started work on next years show, Well done Bill on another highly successful evening!

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