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Lakeland Lodge No.3134 Installation

On Monday 6th Dec 2016 a raiding party from South Cumbria set off for the farthest flung corner of the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland to attend the Installation of Bro Ged Wilson of Whitwell Lodge no 1390 into the chair of Lakeland Lodge no 3134 meeting at Great Queen Street London. A most excellant day was had by all made all the more enjoyable by the very warm welcome from the members of Lakeland Lodge.

An excellant ceremony of Installation was carried out (“Lakeland version of Taylors Ritual “) followed by a very enjoyable festive board at a nearby Italian restaurant. Our very gratefull thanks go to W.Bro Ged Wilson and the members of Lakeland Lodge for making it such an enjoyable and memorable occassion and we wish them well for the coming year.


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