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Kenton Masonic Lodge No. 145 | The Whittenburg Initiation: Another Evening of Firsts

The Whittenburg Initiation: Another Evening of Firsts

Posted on June 17, 2016

With June 15th marking the lodge’s 105th anniversary, Kenton celebrated the beginning of its 106th year by performing its sixth Entered Apprentice Degree with BEA Ryan Whittenburg as the evening’s candidate. Brother Whittenburg is also the first of five planned Entered Apprentice Degrees for this summer.

The evening also witnessed other firsts: Honored Brother Senior Deacon Joey Piazza sat in the Oriental Chair for the first time as part of his qualification for the Junior Warden’s office for next year, and Brother Doug Auld performed Senior Deacon duties during the degree for the first time.

Brother Leo Schuman, Senior Warden of Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160 graciously assisted during the degree by being our Senior Warden throughout the evening.

Other visitors were as follows:

  • WB Jim Hoffbauer – Central Arizona Lodge No. 14 (F. & A.M. of Arizona)
  • Hunter Bronson – Beaverton Lodge No. 100
  • WB Mitch Obeid – Sunnyside Lodge No. 163

Traditional (and usual) photos

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