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June Meeting – Palatine Lodge No. 97

We signed off for recess with an easy one. Owing to a holiday mix-up, we didn’t have a bar steward for the festive board, so it was decided we would have a very short meeting, formalities only, then head off to the local curry house.

We had a good collection of fraternal visitors from Thornhill Lodge No 3216, Peace and Unity Lodge No 6312, Lodge of Harmony No 4224 and Ernest Dixon Lodge No 7856.

It made for a great night, and the way we were seated meant it was a very engaging time over the meal. It’s fair to say everyone enjoyed the experience, and it’s quite possible we might end up making it a regular June fixture!

Here’s to a couple of months off, but we’re still going to try and visit a lodge, or two, over the break.

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