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John proclaimed master of Lathom Lodge

The brethren of Lathom Lodge No 2229 and their guests gathered for their installation ceremony, proclaiming John Roxburgh as their new worshipful master. Lathom Lodge is a past masters lodge and only meets twice a year at Litherland Masonic Hall. Lathom Lodge has been fortunate, that in their last couple of meetings it has increased its membership by 21 members, with 12 brethren joining on the night of the installation meeting. On the evening, the lodge was honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Master Harry Cox, from the Blackpool and North Fylde Groups.

Harry Cox (left) congratulating John Roxburgh and Brian Blanchfield.

Harry Cox (left) congratulating John Roxburgh and Brian Blanchfield.

The outgoing WM, Brian Blanchfield, welcomed everyone to the lodge before opening. Once the usual lodge business was completed, Brian proceeded to open to the second and third degree. Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Neil MacSymons entered the room and announced that Harry Cox was without and demanded admission. Harry was then admitted into the temple in a procession, accompanied by the Bootle Group Chairman Ian Gee. Brian warmly welcomed Harry to the ceremony and offered him the gavel of the lodge, which he declined.

Brian proceeded to proclaim John as the new worshipful master, according to ancient custom, into the chair of King Solomon in an excellent ceremony.

At the end the installation, Harry addressed the brethren by bringing the greetings from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, wishing John and all the brethren the very best of health and hoping they enjoy their Masonic year to the fullest. Harry acknowledged the excellent work that evening and congratulated Brian for the work he has done for the lodge over the last two years and for the excellent and dignified manner in which he had installed John into the chair. Harry then congratulated the brethren who had taken part in the ceremony and hoped the brethren will continue to enjoy their Freemasonry.

John then presented Harry with two cheques: £250 for the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity and £250 for the Litherland Masonic Hall. After closing the lodge in prayer and harmony the brethren made their way to an excellent festive board which was enjoyed by all.

In responding to the toast to his health, Harry thanked the WM and the brethren for the warm welcome he had received from the lodge that evening, saying that he was delighted to be at Lathom Lodge and to be at the Bootle Group this evening and he again praised the work undertaken by Brian during the ceremony. Harry finished his response by informing the brethren about the tercentenary celebrating 300 years of Masonry, asking all the brethren to help support the celebrations and events that are going to happen in the future.

During the evening a raffle was held, raising £140, which will be distributed to charities later in the year.

With the evening finished, the brethren made their way home, after an enjoyable meeting with much jovial fun and celebration, in good company.

If you are a past master and have never visited Lathom Lodge and would like the opportunity, contact the secretary and book yourself in for an excellent evening, where you will be made more than welcome by the members.

Pictured centre from left to right, are: Harry Cox, John Roxburgh and Brian Blanchfield flanked by acting Provincial grand officers.

Pictured centre from left to right, are: Harry Cox, John Roxburgh and Brian Blanchfield flanked by acting Provincial grand officers.

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