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John Brunner Lodge Meeting, Passing of Bro. Wagstaff on Wednesday 19th October 2016

Brother Neal Wagstaff was passed in an exemplary manner last night by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Tom Browne.

Bro. Wagstaff proved to be the perfect Candidate, answering his questions with confidence which was applauded by the Brethren.

The Charge in the South East was delivered by W.Bro. Adrian Ogle and the culmination of a perfect Ceremony was the delivery of the 2nd degree Tools, in the long form, by Bro. John Gooding.

This was followed by an enjoyable Festive Board where the visiting Brethren were treated to John Brunner’s hospitality.


Left to Right:- WBro Terry Cross PPrAGDC, WBro Don Dickson PPrAGSuptWks, WBro Rick Bradfield  PPrAGStB, SW, WBro Tom Brown WM, Bro Neil Wagstaff (Candidate), Bro Rob Dunseith JW, Bro Tim Nelson ChStwd, Bro Paul Neal IG, WBro Andy Bailey PPrGSwdB.

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