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It’s a Generation Thing

Worshipful Master of Four Cardinal Virtues Lodge No 979, WBro Marshal Nield, is playing his part in bringing (and retaining) members in Freemasonry – It’s become a bit of a family affair.

WBro Nield, who himself was both initiated and later put in to the Chair of King Solomon by his father, has to date initiated his brother in law, his son and his son in law. On the 22nd of November he will be installing his brother in law, Bro Paul Crosby as Worshipful Master and is very much looking forward to the evening, this will be very proud day for me, the lodge and Pauls relatives present.

Visitors welcome, please contact WBro David Allen at to book your place

worshipful-master-of-four-cardinal-virtues-lodge-no-979-wbro-marshal-nieldLeft to Right WBro Richard Nield (son) Bro Richard Cotton (son in law) WBro Nield, Bro Paul Crosby (brother in law)

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