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Hip, hip, hooray! says Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd

It is three cheers for the Masonic Samaritan Fund (now part of the Masonic Charitable Foundation, MCF) from WBro Peter Lloyd of Dane Lodge. Peter was facing a 23 week delay for a hip replacement operation but after an approach to the Masonic Samaritan Fund the operation was done within 4 weeks by the same surgeon who did the initial NHS consultation.

Peter is now back on his feet, taller than he was and enjoying a much more active life.

He said:

‘the application process was very smooth and I would urge anyone facing a long wait to see if the MCF can help. The MCF has been wonderful and when they found out that my wife will need knee replacements in around 12 months they asked me to contact them at the time to see if they can help.

Everyone needs to remember that the Masonic Charitable Fund is exactly that; it is a fund established to help Freemasons and their dependants”

If you, or a dependant, need help please speak to your Lodge/Chapter Almoner or directly to the Provincial Almoner at Clay Lane who will be pleased to help and to discuss matters in confidence.

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