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Grand Lodge of Ohio – 3 minute Video Challenge – Why did you become a freemason?


The Grand Lodge of Ohio have started a Video log (vlog). Visit the Facebook Thread for yourself – Some really good videos have been shared already.

I had actually been thinking about doing something like this for the 300-year tercentenary – 300 videos of 3 mins explaining why we became a Freemason. They would act as beacons to those who are interested, forming an archive of historical significance and building our social history, in new forms of media.

To Articulate the true values of the Craft in written form is very hard, as trying to build your emotions on paper is a difficult task – Freemasonry has a spiritual element for many of us, and resides in ones heart. A Video Log would be a great way of sharing our experience’s.

Each individual goes on their own path within freemasonry, and each gains very different things. It’s what makes it so hard to pen & explain, and why, no doubt there is a vast amount material, written on the subject of Freemasonry.

The video log would be a great resource for non masons to find out more about the craft and its members, and also help challenge those deep rooted incorrect perceptions, that so readily exist with in society as a collective.

Is there an appetite for a Video Log in the UK? Global? Most of us have Smart Phones nowadays, and technology allows us to put these types of projects together very quickly.

Let me know, and I will gladly coordinate.

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