Freemasons recognised in the Pride of Sellafield Awards

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Millom Mason recognised in the Pride of Sellafield Awards

Millom Mason recognised in the Pride of Sellafield Awards

Brother Michael Bullock, Senior Warden of Whitwell lodge No 1390, has recently received an award for saving a work colleague life who was suffering a severe diabetic episode at the Sellafield Nuclear Plant.

Michael’s work colleague was trying to make his way from his place of work to his medication, which due to the geographic nature of the Nuclear of site, was some distance away, when his condition suddenly and dramatically deteriorated. When Mike found his work colleague he was very confused and not very coherent. Mike set about looking after him; he questioned him and quickly recognised that his colleague was suffering a severe ‘hypo’ episode.

After recognising that his colleague required immediate medical intervention, Mike escorted his colleague to the closest medical treatment centre.

After lengthy medical treatment and due Mike’s quick and timely intervention his colleague made a full recovery.

In recognition of his quick thinking, diagnosis and profession manner in which Michael dealt with the medical emergency; Michael Bullock is shown in the picture receiving his Responder Award in the recently held Pride of Sellafield Awards from Mr. Jeff Hayes.

Submitted on 8th February 2018  by Bill Morley BEM


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