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Freemasons make cash donation to support hospital cancer patients

Ely Freemasons have donated £180 to local charity PULSE which will support the oncology unit at St. George’s Medical Centre, Littleport.
– Credit: Cambridgeshire Freemasons

A cash donation has been made by Ely Freemasons to support a local charity’s oncology unit, looking after cancer patients in hospital.

The group has donated £180 to local health charity PULSE which supports the oncology unit at St. George’s Medical Centre in Littleport.


St. George’s Medical Centre in Littleport.
– Credit: Cambridgeshire Freemasons

The unit was started in May 2014 to provide cancer treatments for residents of The Isle of Ely and other neighbouring towns and villages.

Siobhan Carew, secretary of PULSE charity said: “We are incredibly grateful for this this funding from Descensus Aquarum Lodge.

“This will help to fund the extra demands for this clinic being experienced now and, in the future, and when the pandemic ends, we are expecting the demands to increase yet again.”


Photo shows the specially adapted Oncology Unit. – Credit: Cambridgeshire Freemasons


To find out more about Freemasonry in Cambridgeshire you can visit their website at

Their contact details are listed below if you want to contact them directly

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire
Freemasons’ Hall
Bateman Street,

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 471586 (answerphone) |

If you want to be a Freemason you must be interested in character building and morality

“Better men make a Better world.” Freemasonry stresses honour, personal responsibility and personal integrity

You should be able to commit to Monthly/bi-monthly gatherings at lodges.

Reasons to become a Freemason in Cambridgeshire
You want to make new friendships
You want to develop yourself
You want to make a positive contribution to society
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