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Freemasons Clay Shooting Club Supports Dandelion Time charity

The clay shooting club visits yet another charity to offer support with items that they need to continue with the very valuable work that they undertake.

Dandelion Time offers help to children with very challenging emotional issues, often resulting from trauma, violence or serious health difficulties in the family.  The approach is family based and creates opportunities for new beginnings and improved relationships.  The service recognises the importance of being in a peaceful natural environment, absorbing children in calming hands on activities.  Therapists guide families to harness the healing powers of the natural world using materials such as wood, wool and clay, to care for animals and to grow and eat healthy food thus laying down new positive memories.  This helps them to discuss and explore the difficulties they are facing and enables the wider family to come together to build stronger bonds.  Children grow in confidence and resilience and have achieved remarkable and long lasting changes in their lives.

Photo of On the Left, Rob Styles on the right Nick Jenkins

On the Left, Rob Styles on the right Nick Jenkins

Two members visited the office of this charity at West Farleigh near Maidstone to donate the items to the charity and as already mentioned these were items to be used in the “hands on” activities of the organisation.  Our Chairman, Nick Jenkins and Committee Member Rob Styles handed over 3 Propagators, a Kitchen Trolley and  Sunshine solar light which would be used as explained in the first paragraph to offer therapeutic activities to those that needed them.  Our donation which exceeded £1000.00. is again due to the help and support that we receive from all of our masonic and non-masonic clay shooting colleagues both here in East Kent and throughout the country.  Our Secretary Roger Wilkes, who is also the Hon. Secretary of the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies, has been instrumental in drawing together 26 member Provinces and we are grateful for the support that many of these bring to us here in our province, long may our help to these needy causes go on.

Read more about this fantastic organisation by visiting their website here.  Click Here

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