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Freemasonry’s The Higher Degree Handbook by J S M Ward

It this short book Worshipful Brother J S M Ward is attempting to give an outline sketch of the various degrees in Freemasonry.  Understandably, the depth and complexity inherent within each degree, it can never be a complete presentation.

Side Degrees or “Advanced Degrees.”, as W.Bro Ward states from personal experience that, with one or two small exceptions, are of the greatest value.

And the old age adage of Life is true as in Freemasonry. You only get out of Masonry in proportion to what you bring to it.

If you can approach Freemasonry with a keen intellectual mind, based on a reasonable amount of study of the meaning of symbolism, you will naturally learn far more than if you approach it merely from the point of view of a man who knows a good dinner when he eats one, and cares nothing about the meaning of the ceremonies which take place in the Lodge

The full book is below


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