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Fire, Brethren . . . . . . taking your time from me!

Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge hosted W Bro Ron Baker, whose presentation of the ‘History of Masonic Fire’ is both entertaining and noisy.

Ron demonstrated different methods of firing, inviting the master, W Bro Tony Putterill, his wardens and lodge members, suitably issued with firing glasses, to join in the fusillade. ‘North Devon Fire’ was particularly popular.

Tony used the opportunity to announce the launch of a new Bristol Blue firing glass; celebrating the Tercentenary of the United Grand Lodge of England next year.

L to R: W Bros Terry Hill, Tony Putterill, Ron Baker and Keith Checkley

Noisy Night at Stewards’ Lodge.jpg

Celebrating 300 years

These beautiful glasses, which will certainly become highly collectable, are available directly from Tony who, over the years, has commissioned many distinctive options; all raising money for Masonic charities.


If you are interested, you may contact him at

“There are two styles,” he said. “One old; one new. Maybe one for each side of the fireplace?”

A painting of the banner

Painting-the-Masonic-Banner.png“It was indeed a most enjoyable evening,” said Ron afterwards. “I also painted a copy of the Grand Stewards’ Lodge Banner (left) which I presented with a dedication to the WM.

“If any other lodges wish to hear my lecture, I make no charge, but merely ask for a donation to a charity of my choice. On this occasion, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Stewards, whose donation will prove very valuable.”


Charities benefitted

The raffle raised £300 for Ron’s charity of choice . . . Blind Veterans UK.

A further ‘Heads & Tails’ raised £94, to be donated to Worldwide Cancer Research. The prize, a tercentenary glass, was won by the WM of the Adrian Davies Lodge of Rugby Union, Richard Williams-Jones, (left).

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