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Berkshire Freemasons Volunteer for CLIC Sargent

A most successful and enjoyable day was had by all 21 volunteers who stood collecting money on behalf of CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children, at Reading Station as a part of the Berkshire Freemasons 300 Hours In The Community initiative.

The 21 were made up of 18 Berkshire Freemasons along with 3 of their wives. There were four ‘shifts’ of 3 hours, commencing at 7am, with the final shift finishing at 7pm. Each 3 hour shift was fully supported. Four volunteers bravely completing two full shifts collecting, but the stalwart of the day was ‘Veteran Collector’ – Lionel Voke, a member of Aldermaston and Theale on Holybrook Lodges, who stood collecting for all 12 hours!

This group of Berkshire Freemasons raised the magnificent total of £1,537.87 for CLIC Sargent during this marathon collection.

Paul Watson, Charity Steward for the Berkshire Freemasons said: “For those who have not had the experience of voluntary ‘Bucket Collecting’ for Charity, it can be a very rewarding experience. Sometimes you feel invisible. Often people look away and move straight past you. But sometimes people will come up to you and thank you for taking the time to collect for charity, or say someone in their family have been assisted by CLIC Sargent, and so many people will contribute to your bucket collection with a few pence or even a note. You can never tell who will support, and how good it makes you feel when they do”

Liz Blunt, CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager, Hampshire & Berkshire said: “What a wonderful thing you have done in organising all those amazing volunteers. Thank you so much, I really am amazed at how much you raised, what a fantastic amount to help children and young people with cancer. Thank you”


All 21 volunteers enjoyed their experience and expressed a wish to return next year to support CLIC once again. Berkshire Freemasons working for the benefit of our local community and at the same time enjoying the experience knowing we are supporting local good causes is what Freemasonry and the 300 Hours In The Community project is all about.

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