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Francis Columbine Lodge hit 75 Years

Francis Columbine Lodge celebrated their 75th Anniversary in style with a review of Francis Columbines work in Cheshire by APGM WBro. George Mann, a resume of the Consecration Meeting in 1942 by Secretary WBro. Brian Crossley and a potted history of the Lodge by WBro. Roy Wilson. After the traditional Lodge meeting, the Brethren entered the dining room to a Gin Appreciation afternoon lead by WBro. Tony Carrs, tucked into a Massive celebration cake and enjoyed a sumptuous meal prepared by Chef Russ. A spectacular meeting in a packed Lodge Room with Full traditional Festive Board, members went home as near to the 2.30pm deadline set for Daylight Lodges in Cheshire reflecting on the very jovial manner the Lodge celebrated its Jubilee under the name of Francis Columbine our First Provincial Grand Master in 1725.

Celebration cake specially made for the occasion

This dining room was to hum with enthusiastic Masons enjoying the 75 Anniversary of Francis Columbine Lodge

Members of Francis Columbine Lodge at the Lodge 75 Anniversary Meeting.

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