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Fourth-generation freemason, with initiation conducted by three of his family.


Four of a kind in Cambridge

It was a red letter day for Nourse Lodge, No. 8590, which meets at Cambridge, when it saw its second successive double initiation ceremony during the year. The occasion was particularly significant as it also marked the entry of a fourth-generation mason, conducted by three of the family.

Charles Goodwyn was the initiate, while his uncle Nick conducted the ceremony with his father Roger and grandfather Graham assisting. The fourth generation of the family, Norman Watson, was unable to be present but sent a message. Among the guests on this special day was Cambridgeshire PGM William Dastur.

To find out more about Freemasonry in Cambridgeshire you can visit their website at

Their contact details are listed below if you want to contact them directly

Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire
Freemasons’ Hall
Bateman Street,

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 471586 (answerphone) |

If you want to be a Freemason you must be interested in character building and morality

“Better men make a Better world.” Freemasonry stresses honour, personal responsibility and personal integrity

You should be able to commit to Monthly/bi-monthly gatherings at lodges.

Reasons to become a Freemason in Cambridgeshire
You want to make new friendships
You want to develop yourself
You want to make a positive contribution to society
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