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Dorset Freemasonry – Blandford Forum Masons support their local town museum.

Blandford Forum Masons support their local town museum.

Dorset Freemasonry has a long history of supporting learning and culture, helping to improve the quality of life of those around them.

On Wednesday 11 May the Blandford Town Museum held their AGM, for the first time, in the Masonic Hall, Blandford. Members of both Blandford Lodges turned out to help make the evening a terrific success.

Before the start of their meeting all present were shown a display of Masonic Regalia and afterwards all sat down together in the Lodge Room to receive a wonderful talk from Dave Smith of The Lodge of St. Cuthberga regarding the historic feudal system of the Kingston Lacy Estate.

The Blandford Town Museum undertakes a great deal of good work in the town, particularly with presenting opportunities for learning and discovery to disadvantaged people. At the end of the evening The Charity Steward of The Lodge of Honour and Friendship , Anthony Chambers presented Nessa Hickiss, the museum Chairman, with a cheque for £500 to help support the Museum in future projects.

Mark Hinsley, Provincial Membership Officer of Dorset said, ”If small town Lodges wish to thrive they need to open their doors to the people around them and regain the place they once held at the heart of their local communities”.

How does your Lodge create links with the local community? Alternatively are you a member of a local organisation who would like to know more about Dorset Freemasonry? If so. just drop us a Direct Message.

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