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Devonshire Lodge supports the World Kick Boxing Championships

Devonshire Lodge Charity Steward, W Bro. John Acton, has presented Evade Black Belt School’s National Kick Boxing Champion, Sensei Jake Johnson, with a cheque for £200 on behalf of members of the Lodge.

Jake said “The money will go towards supporting five Contestants and their Coach at the World Kick Boxing Championships commencing on 18th May this year in Stuttgart, Germany. We are grateful for all the help we can get towards supporting our Athletes at this International event”.

John commented that the Devonshire Lodge wishes the contestants every success at the championships. Sport is so important to the health of young people and the Lodge is pleased to be able to help.

Evade Black Belt School Contestants at the games will be Jake Johnson, Ryan Durbridge, Joe Burns, George Barn and Coach David Breed.

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