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Derbyshire Masonic Library – 25 years after the fire

The Provincial Library is mounting a small display in the temple corridor display case at Derby Masonic Hall,  to draw attention to the following:

  • It is now 25 years since the devastating fire at The Grange which destroyed the Provincial Offices and the Library. A vast amount of Masonic records, books, regalia and artifacts were lost.
  • Many local Derbyshire Freemasons braved the fire, smoke and the weakened structure to rescue what they could.  Because of their efforts …… we benefit today.
  • The display will centre on (i) the magnitude of the fire, (ii) some of the items which were saved and (iii) some of the items which were rescued but didn’t quite make it.
  • Contemporary photographs by W Bro. Bert Marks, PPSGW, the then Provincial Librarian.

W Bro. Colin Clayton, PPJGW
Provincial Librarian

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