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Derbyshire Freemasons have made dreams come true for a six year old


Derbyshire Freemasons have made dreams come true for six year old Autumn Beaven. Autumn is from Alfreton in Derbyshire and is always happy and bright – loves school, dancing and drama but sadly suffers from ADHD, Autism, Crohn’s Disease, Orofacial Granulomatosis and multiple dangerous food allergies.

Spear headed by Royal Alfred Lodge, all five of the Alfreton based Lodges of Derbyshire Freemasons worked together to help assist in sending this very special young lady on a dream trip to perform in a dance troupe on Broadway, New York in July.

Autumn has also been presented with her very own TLC Teddy which she will be taking all the way to America with her – he’s called Mason!

The five Craft Lodges of Royal Alfred, St Thomas, Vulcan, Morcar and Pioneer each donated £300. Along with a £300 match funding donation from the Derbyshire Provincial Grand Charity the total reached the magnificent amount of £1800.00.

The target required to get each performer to New York was £2585.48.  Autumn’s guardians had already managed to raise just under £800 so the challenge to raise the difference was taken up by the members of the Alfreton Lodges.

The trip is being arranged by Clare Sales School of Dance in Alfreton who organise dance and fitness classes. They have fantastic sensory sessions and a special “Chance to Dance” class which is aimed at students with additional needs. These include learning and physical disabilities and mental health issues. The primary aim is to build confidence and self esteem so that the students believe in themselves.

A fabulous White Table evening on Wednesday 18th December attended by 95 Freemasons and their families and guests saw five Worshipful Masters each make a presentation on behalf of their own Lodges.  These were made complete by the Provincial Grand Charities’ donation.

Peter Chapman of the Royal Alfred Lodge said:

“ We are so pleased to help Autumn get to New York and realise her dream – her courage and enthusiasm has been an example to us all. Freemasons in Derbyshire regularly support many local causes – all of which are very deserving but this one has been very special to us “

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