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Deputy Provincial Grand Master’s jewel for the Royal Order of Scotland, 1902 | Sheffield Freemasonry

Sheffield Freemasonry



Silver gilt and engraved jewel formed of a cross with chequerboard design at the centre of which is a facial sun. Between the arms of the cross is a roundel with engraved text reading ‘DEUS / NOBIS / SOL ET / SCUTUM’ (‘God is our sun and shield’). All is within a set square and compass and section of a circle of 180 degrees. The frame is a thistle wreath.

C. E. L. Wright was initiated into Freemasonry at Apollo University Lodge, No. 357 in 1887. He founded several lodges and chapters and was especially involved with many of the side degrees. In 1903 he was made a Junior Grand Deacon and was a Past Grand Standard Bearer in Grand Chapter. Wright was a Clerk in Holy Orders

This jewel is for a Deputy Provinical Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland and is similar in design to an early plate jewel in the Library and Museum’s collection (see associated record below). For more information on the Royal Order of Scotland.

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