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Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons £750 boost towards free meal service

Robin and Steve Reid with the cheque for 750, presented by Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons assistant charity steward Ray Evans (centre). Copyright: other

Burnley and Pendle District Freemasons presented Kettledrum Inn owners, brothers Robin and Steve Reid, with the money to ensure their charitable endeavours could continue.

The pair, along with Cliviger Parish Council, have been providing free meals on Wednesdays and Saturdays, delivered to residents aged over 70 who are isolating during the coronavirus outbreak.

Last month they were acknowledged as ‘mealtime heroes’ through BBC North West Tonight ‘s Everyday Hero programme.

A spokesman for the Burnley and Pendle Freemasons said: “The Burnley and Pendle Freemasons recognised the excellent work that was being carried out by the Kettledrum and the local residents.

“In response to this we have donated the sum of £750 to ensure that the costs of these meal can be funded and the great work of all involved can continue.”

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