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Bucks Masonic Clay Pigeon Shooting Association – Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire

Report from Bucks Masonic Clay Shoot:- Friday 13th May 2016.

It may have been Friday the 13th but what a good day for shooting. Although only 17 turned out, the sun came shone and all those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the shoot laid on by The West London Shooting School.

The shoot raised £400 for The Charity “Bucks Vision” (nominated by the Beaconsfield team).

W.Bro. Graham Dearing APGM was on hand to present the prizes. Graham did not shoot in the competition but he did have a go on the pool shoot, and hit a clay or two.

The team event was won by Marlow Centre with a score of 270 ex 300.

High Gun:- Dave Hollis (Marlow) 84 ex 100.

Guest High Gun Barry Potter 70 ex 100.

Lady’s High Gun Clair Hollis “again” (come on lets have more girls shooting).

Pool shoot High Gun was John Hopcroft and Dave Hollis both on 12.

The next shoot will be at The Oxford Gun Company, Oakley, Bucks. HP18 9RG on Saturday 16th July 2016.

For more info please contact W.Bro.Roger Gills.Sec. B.M.C.P.S.A. via:

01628 522878, 07711088462 or

The pictures show: 1. Jay ‘Top Gun’ Dyckes, 2. Phil McDonald and James Dyckes (hat on backwards) trying to look cool. And 3. APGM Graham Dearing wondering where Tony Dyckes is going to point the gun next.


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