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British Military Freemasons

There’s a new group of Freemasons in town –  British Military Freemasons, or BMF.

Started in late 2013 it currently has over 500 members, with half of them having only joined in the last 12 months.

It is a private Facebook group of Brethren who either have served or are serving in the British Military and includes members from all over the Armed Forces including all three services and across all three degrees of Craft Masonry [with a healthy number of members also in the Royal Arch and many other side orders].

There have been connections between the Craft and the British Military in the past with many Regimental Lodges having been formed, lots still active on the Circuit of Service Lodges, and two traveling lodges still exist [St Patrick’s Lodge No. 295 to the Royal Dragoon Guards and Lodge Glittering Star No. 322 to the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters, who have been amalgamated into The Mercian Regiment.] Many military men find that Freemasonry is a place that mirrors the bond found between military personnel, and the values found across the Forces and Freemasonry.

Started lo encourage visiting between Lodges, which it continues to do successfully, and as a community where Brethren who have served or are serving in the military can come together, it has developed into a place of vibrant discussion and ideas on many different topics. These range from the best ways to learn Ritual or how Freemasonry, in general, can look to Integrate better with younger people – BMF’s membership ranges from students from University Lodges to retired Forces personnel. Indeed whilst the group is only made up of Military Brothers it is still incredibly diverse within that, both in terms of Masonry; career, age, and life experience.

With an active and engaged membership, BMF continues to grow and evolve. From discussing forming other traveling Military lodges to making new friends in Masonry, encouraging visiting and learning all sorts from each other.

If you are currently serving or an ex-serviceman and think you might want to get involved then contact to find out how.

The British Military Freemason group Is one of the most active and interesting collection of Brethren that have appeared over the past few years – watch this space

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