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Beloved Masonic Architecture: Readers Weigh In

Beloved Masonic Architecture: Readers Weigh In

Oakland Scottish Rite Center – Photo courtesy of

We asked readers of our weekly e-newsletter and more than 117,000 fans on the Masons of California Facebook page to share what their favorite Masonic building in California is and why. Here are some examples of what they said:

It’s a tie between our Grand Lodge building and the former L.A. Scottish Rite building. Both are classic, beautiful, and have gorgeous mosaics. I don’t we will create anything like them in the future.Michael Bear

Morning Star Lodge No. 19 in Stockton, California. The temple was built in 1922, and the level of detail and designs in it is crazy. I visit almost weekly and I’m still finding secret details and small things all over the placeDaniel M. Tao

Many years ago I visited Volcano Lodge for a third degree. Conducting a candidate through the preparation door was an interesting experience, and the little stove just about drove us out, but it was a wonderful day!Neil Kent Brown

The Scottish Rite Temple in OaklandAlan Martin

Pomona Lodge No. 246, which has been there since the 1880s. I was made an Entered Apprentice there. Beautiful architecture!Matthew James

Vesper Lodge No. 84, because that’s my home lodge.Chris Carey

We also received a shout-out for a beloved Masonic building outside California: “There’s a Masonic temple in Silver City, Nevada that is beautiful and has kept the same architecture for over 120 years,” reports Josh Konkel.

Have another great Masonic building to add to the list? Join the conversation.

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