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Address to the Brethren – Masonic Ritual An Alternative Way

Masonic Ritual can be delivered in the same manner as at an Installation save for the fact that it the seven brethren delivering each line could represent the ‘senior’ members of the lodge; the oldest, the longest serving, the most senior in rank.

Conversely, it could be divided amongst the seven officers on the floor (WM, SW, JW, SD, JD, IG, Tyler). Either way, it involves more people, no one person has a lot to learn and it makes the ritual more varied and interesting.

1 Brethren. Such is the nature of our Constitution, that as some must of necessity rule and teach, so others must of course learn submit and obey; humility in each is an essential qualification.

2 The Brethren whom the W.M. has selected to assist him in the ruling and governing of the Lodge are too well acquainted with the principles of Masonry and the laws of our Institution to warrant any mistrust that they will be ound wanting in the discharge of the duties of their respective offices, or that they will exceed the powers with which they are entrusted; and you Brethren I am sure, are of too generous a disposition to envy their preferment.

3 I therefore trust that we shall have but one aim in view, to please each other and unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness. 4 And as this Association has been formed and perfected with so much unanimity and concord, long may it continue; may brotherly love and affection ever distinguish us as men, and as Masons.

5 May the principle and tenets of our profession, which are founded on the basis of religious truth and virtue, teach us to measure our actions by the rule of rectitude, square our conduct by the principles of morality and guide our inclinations and even our thoughts within the compass of propriety.

6 Hence we learn to be meek, humble and resigned, to be faithful to our God, our Country and our laws, to drop a tear of sympathy over the failings of a Bro., and to pour the healing balm of consolation into the bosom of the afflicted.

7 May these principles and tenets be transmitted pure and unpolluted through this Lodge from generation to generation.

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