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A Worldwide Brotherhood

WBro Bruce Burrows from Pomfret Lodge recently visited Western Australia to see the records of John Newman Tooth, a member of his partner’s family. John was a Child Migrant sent to Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School Western Australia at the age of 10 years. He landed at Freemantle on March 20th 1928.

Australian Migration

Bruce saw John’s records and discovered that the School had been closed in 1982 and Grand Lodge Western Australia saved it for future generations in 1984. The Grand Lodge still manages the facility today as a School Museum and Holiday Centre for groups of children who now stay in the original buildings, updated to modern standards, and where they do not start their days as John did with a cold shower at 6am.

Bruce visited the Grand Lodge of WA, had a guided tour, and then went on to make a visit to Fremantle Lodge No 2 consecrated in 1865 as No 1033 E.C.

The main business of the lodge held on Tuesday 12th April 2016 was to Pass Bro Nathan Medford; Bruce saw the ceremony conducted in an excellent manner and with the Brethren clearly enjoying themselves under the direction of their Master WBro Glenn Swift.

         SW Bro Kabir Ramasary, WM WBro Glenn Swift, WBro Bruce Burrows, JW Bro Chris Nicholls.

The Festive Board was a total delight with Bruce seated on the right of the W.M. The meal was excellent, prepared by the Brethren and one of the wives, and with as much beer and wine as required. Bruce gave the response on behalf of the visitors, and all linked hands for Auld Lang Syne. All too quickly the evening closed with Bruce totally convinced, that Freemasonry is indeed a worldwide brotherhood.

For more information about Kingsly Fairbrige search Wikipedia #Western Australia for specifics.

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