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A new masonic museum to open in Switzerland

The Masonic Museum of Switzerland will open its doors to the public in Bern sometime in 2018 .  From June 2017 it is open exclusively to Freemasons, their guests, and registered groups, upon prior notice..

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Exhibitions from three centuries can be viewed on an exhibition space of over 300m2. The exhibition deals with the origins, symbols, rituals and values of freemasonry. It also deals with the charisma of Freemasonry in culture and society. A large projection of 8 x 3m conveys a unique impression of the diversity of the world of Swiss lodges.

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“We aspire to get people in and know who we really are.” In addition to building a meeting point for all Masons in the country, above all we want to experience those Masonic values ​​such as humanity, justice and charity that we Defend so much , ” explained the Grand Master of Swiss Masonry , Brother Maurice Zahnd.

Founded in 1844, the  Swiss Alpine Grand Lodge  has 83 Lodges and about 4,000 Freemasons.

The museum will aim to illustrate & show the diversity of Freemasonry in Switzerland, as expressed in self-perception and the traditions of individual lodges. This should encourage mutual understanding and dialog among all Brother Freemasons.

It will also aim to portray Swiss Freemasonry in a synoptic brotherly relationship with other Masonic Grand Lodges and various disciplines and organisations, and wants to acquaint the wider public with the history of international and Swiss Freemasonry and their spiritual world (ethics, ideals, rituals), hopefully reducing prejudices and allow dialog with society as a whole.

By means of special exhibitions and other events, it will aim to create a platform that will enable and stimulate discussion about the current questions in Freemasonry and society.

Swiss Freemasons Museum

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