A great opportunity to wear a Festival 2021 Jewel alongside a Tercentenary Jewel

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tercentenary-jewelWhat a great opportunity to wear a Festival 2021 Jewel alongside a Tercentenary Jewel!

As mentioned in the Pro Grand Master’s address at Quarterly Communications recently, the MW Grand Master has approved a permanent jewel to commemorate the Tercentenary of the United Grand Lodge of England.

It will go on sale in time for the start of the 300th year on the 24th of this month and those entitled to wear it are those Master Masons and above who at anytime between then and the end of 2017 will have been members of a Lodge in our Constitution.

The Pro Grand Master hopes that Grand Officers – who normally wear no breast jewels other than the Royal Arch jewel – will wear it throughout that period, and will not feel obliged to stop wearing it once we reach 2018.

The Pro Grand Master in his address stated “I think it is a particularly attractive jewel and I am sure that many, if not most, members of the Craft will want to wear it.”

Festival 2021 Jewels are provided FREE to all Brethren who pledge to contribute £500 over the lifetime of the Festival, equivalent to £2 per week, to the 2021 Festival for the RMBI. Please talk to your Lodge Charity Steward who can help set up a regular payment pledge, including Gift Aid, to ensure you receive your Festival 2021 Jewel.

The Tercentenary Jewel is available to purchase here.