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70th Federation of School Lodges Meeting will be held at Pocklington School – Saturday 2nd September 2017

The 70th Annual Business Meeting and Festival of the Federation of School Lodges will be held at Pocklington School, West Green, Pocklington, York YO42 2NJ under the banner of Old Pocklingtonian Lodge 7867.

Open to Masons of all ranks, the Federation Lodge meeting commences at 16:00, Plans for the Daggards W Bros Eddie Wildman and Ean Blair to perform Festive Board Entertainment, a light-hearted look at the historical and present day music used when Lodge Meetings are concluded and the eating and drinking begins. (The ladies, meanwhile, will be visiting Burnby Hall Gardens and enjoying Cream Tea, before joining the Brethren for the White Table Festival Dinner at 18:30.)

The dress code is dark lounge or morning suit, with School, Lodge or Masonic tie – and full Masonic regalia.

The non-dining charge (including teas and coffees) is £15; the meeting and Festival Dinner £45; and the Ladies event £40. or telephone him on 07958 952 172.

There are several car parks on the school grounds.