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60 years in the Royal Arch for E. Comp. Arthur Back

On a bright Wednesday morning, looking out on to fields with horses, we met with E.Comp.Arthur Charles Back.

The ‘we’ being E.Comp.Alan Peters PAGDC, outgoing Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, E.Comp.Andrew Elliott AGDC, the newly appointed Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, and E.Comp.Mike Purdy PPrGSN, Scribe E of Argus Chapter No.5903.

Our reason for being with E.Comp.Back was to present him with a Certificate signed by the M.E.Grand Superintendent marking the 60th Anniversary of his Exaltation into Argus Chapter and there cannot be many who can claim to have given such lengthy and devoted service to the Royal Arch in the Province of Middlesex, or anywhere else in the English Constitution.

Sadly, E.Comp.Arthur who is now 89 and not in good health, is unable to attend meetings but he is still sharp in mind and was truly delighted to have been remembered and his joy in being presented with his Certificate and lapel pin was palpable.

Photos courtesy of Mike Purdy

This Certificate will proudly sit next to his Certificate to commemorate his 60 years in the Craft which was presented to him a few years ago.

Arthur was Initiated into Argus Lodge No.5903 on 10th June 1952 and became a Founding member of Kenton Manor Lodge No.7882 and his last Appointment was to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.

In the Royal Arch, he was Exalted on 12th June 1957 into Argus Chapter No.5903.

In February 1983, he joined Bissei Chapter No.6563 in the Province of Hertfordshire.

He has served as MEZ in both Chapters and was made PProvGSN in Middlesex in 1985.

Arthur was elected to Honorary Membership in all his Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters.

A most interesting man who it was a pleasure and honour to have met, our time with him absolutely flew as he recalled names of his Companions in Argus Chapter and events long passed, and a morning that he and we will long remember.

E.Comp.Alan Peters PAGDC,
Past Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

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