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50 Years for Alan Snaith

Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, George Clark made the journey down to Manor Lodge in Ferryhill on Monday 13th June to present a 50th Year Certificate to Alan Snaith.  George was covering on the evening for David Sanders Hay, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, as he was presenting a 50th Year Certificate at his lodge that evening, to his uncle George.

Prior to George being welcomed into the Lodge, two ballots took place.  The first for Andrew Bull as a re-joining member and, the second, for Andy Beamson to be made an honorary member.  Both ballots proved successful and Andrew Bull was warmly welcomed back into the lodge by the Manor Brethren.

George was welcomed into the Lodge and the next business was the presentation of the 50-year certificate.

Alan Snaith was initiated on this day in 1966 at 36 years of age.  He was passed on the 9th January 1967 and Raised on the 13th March 1967.  He became the Master of the Lodge on 9th May 1977.  He was also the lodge’s Charity Steward from 1980 to 1990, the Assistant Director of Ceremonies in 1984, before becoming the lodge Director of Ceremonies from 1985 to 1987.

Alan owned “Oates Garage” in Chilton that was an Austin Rover, BMC dealership.  The business was started by his father in 1929 and Alan took over in 1945.  He has always been physically active and his interests included badminton and skiing.

Alan’s son lives in Australia and Alan enjoyed many visits to masonic lodges in Wellington, New South Wales when visiting there.

As well as masonry Alan was an active member of the Rotary Club for 20+ years and personally founded the Probus Club for retired Professional Businessmen; a club that is still running today.

In recent years Alan’s health has deteriorated and following heart problems he has gradually become withdrawn and no longer feels comfortable leaving his house in the evening.  Hence he no longer attends lodge meetings.

George presented the certificate to the lodge’s Master, David Mangles and, at a suitable and appropriate time for Alan, it will be presented to him at home.  Hopefully this will remind him of his many happy years in the Lodge, as a much respected mason and friend of the Manor Lodge.

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