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3 Generations of Freemasons in Attendance at Gothic Lodge with their Latest Initiate

The latest Initiate into Gothic Lodge 5754 was Mr Joshua Kaissi aged 21. WBro Martin Peters PPrAGDC took the chair of King Solomon to initiate his Nephew. Officers of the Lodge conducted an impeccable ceremony followed by WBro Jeff Challinor PPrSGD presenting a walking charge after Initiation. Supporting the family WBro Norman Peters PPrJGD from Old Castle Lodge 5773 Province of North Wales said afterwards it was pleasure to see his Nephew initiate into Freemasonry and wished him well.


In From left to right – WBro Norman Peters PPrJGD Old Castle Lodge 5773 in the Province of North Wales, Bro Joshua Kaissi Initiate, WBro Martin Peters PPrAGDC and the WM of Gothic Lodge WBro Dave Mollart PPrSGD.

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