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27 Jul 2016 17:30 : Notts First Principles Chapter host: “The Royal Arch in Camera – Your Chapter in Focus”

Wednesday 27th July 2016, starting at 5:30pm

The Notts First Principles Chapter will be hosting a team from the Metropolitan Grand Chapter who will be performing “The Royal Arch in Camera – Your Chapter in Focus”.

Quote from Freemasonry Today, February 2016: “… The Metropolitan team delivered a lively and informative presentation, punctuated with humour, which provided guidance on such matters as the RA protocols and procedures that should be observed, the wearing of the RA regalia, the opening, closings and perambulations relative to both the Domatic and Aldersgate rituals and explored some the inextricable links between Craft and Royal Arch Masonry. The Companions were enlightened to some of the RA symbolism coupled with descriptions of the characters represented and their background history, including the relationship to the Ceremony of the Veils …”

Click the link below to download an Article from the Arena Magazine (summer 2015) in which Assistant Metropolitan Grand Superintendent, VW Brother Ian Currans gives us a snapshot of this new production from the Royal Arch team.

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