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2017 Masters selected for Passing Ceremony

At a packed “X Factor” Style audition, held at Corby Masonic Centre, on Saturday 29th October, various brethren from across the Province demonstrated ritual with the hope they may be selected to take part in a Ceremony at Great Queen Street in 2017.

As part of this Provinces Tercentenary celebration, there will be a 2nd Degree ceremony held in the Main Temple at Great Queen Street, to Pass Bro Luke Howard, and the brethren listed below have been selected to take part in that ceremony.

B Bennett, Socrates, 373

R Pengilley, St Peters, 442

P Logan, Lodge of Fidelity, 445

Tho Than Nugyen, Perseverance, 455

Daryll Swainson, Chichley, 607

Paul Donneky, Elanor Cross, 1764

Andy Walker, Euston, 2283

V Tindale, Fitzwilliam, 2533

B Smethurst, St Ivo, 2684

F Hawson, Pemberton, 3039

M Curren, Hatton, 3041

Robin Beeby, Cytringan, 4048

John Simpson, Old Northamptonian, 5694

Peter Chapman, Lodge of St George, 5978

D Watts, Risdene, 6532

J Russell, Thistle and Rose, 6644

G Sharif, Lodge of St James, 6838

Daniel Day, Piscator, 7557

Scott Austin, Dr Field, 8158

Graham Rodger, Ferraria, 8489

S Key, Lactodorum, 8526

A R Collins, Lodge of Harmony, 9048

A McWilliam, Corbie, 9155

J  Taylor, Hinchingbrooke, 9282

Phillip McKeown, Gates of Billing, 9309

N B Hood, Burghley, 9364

E Storey, Lodge of Unity, 9495

K C Mackie, Pro Musica, 9547

K Roberts, Scout, 9814

Tickets for this event are on sale now, please see your lodge secretary for details.

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