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Freemasons on Twitter – To Retweet or Not to Retweet

There are always costs involved in any relationship, and Twitter isn’t exempt. Whether you Retweet or not is down to the relationship you would like to develop through the platform.

Personally my relationship with social media can be paralleled to that of my masonic journey. Just as joining a Masonic Lodge has expanded my own knowledge and friendship circle, so has twitter.

It’s been just over ten years since I was first initiated into freemasonry, just over three since I began to understand some of its core values, and just over a year since I entered the Twitter sphere.

My father was an freemason for just over just of thirty-five years, and in that time I never heard him speak about promoting the craft. Indeed, in some circles of freemasonry this is quite clearly still frowned upon.

Why when something is so brilliant as freemasonry, why should we not promote it? Surely this is a good enough reason? Its good to remember, that from the dawn of time, marketing has played an important role in everything we know of today.

When you reflect upon what freemasonry is, its fellowship and values, then why not tell as many as possible. This is where I Retweet and Support as much as I can, knowing that a retweet is a vote of support, encouragement that someone is listening.

In the early days I came across dormant lodge accounts on Twitter? looking at them, nobody had interacted. I did feel saddened at this, and also where l came into trouble. As I started to Retweet I started to lose followers.

Some very senior Freemasons unfollowed me, and It did knock my confidence and question if what I was doing was right. Personally, I feel we need our Senior brothers to be involved, to encourage, support and guide. To quote John C Maxwell – A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

I shared my feelings with the Twitter community, and they responded back very positively. I now believe Freemasonry is different to most other subjects on Twitter, as its engagement is high, for instance my own account now regularly has over 500k views a month.

Now I’m conscious that you can’t please everyone, and there are some individuals may see Retweets as spam, and it annoys them, even though, it’s about the very craft in which they love.

When it comes to Freemasonry, in my eyes there is no such thing as Spam. And when you understand, that Twitter is like a commercial radio station, seeing the same tweet over again is not a problem, indeed it actually makes me smile! I would love to see more interaction!

However, I do acknowledge that I do support many masonic accounts, even across the globe. This does mean that I have a busy account, very busy, and if you run Twitter like Facebook, then this can cause you a problem.

Luckily, Twitter affords us many options to keep in touch with who we want too.

If retweets really do bother you, then, one solution, is to turn them off for that particular account. To do this you can Navigate the account in question, visit the cog next to the following button, and turn off Retweets. It really is that simple.


You can also unfollow an account, however think about this message this sends. If you do unfollow, it is courteous to let the brother know.

Another alternative is you can Block the user – however, I would urge you strongly to make sure you block for the right reasons – Normally this will be an account tweeting offensive material like pornographic images or being abusive towards you.

There are other methods for managing Twitter, and I will share them in more future posts.

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Go well my Brothers.





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