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Fellow Craft Freemason (FC) – An Explanation

As a Fellow Craft Freemason (FC) you have taken your next important step towards the Degree of Master Mason.

Your Masonic apron now displays two blue rosettes to signify your elevation in rank and denotes that you are midway in your primary Masonic education. Your new duty is to study the questions on the card in readiness for your elevation to the Degree of a Master Mason. Once again you can depend on your Lodge Mentor, proposer or seconder for all the help and support you will need in learning these answers.

As in the former Degree the Deacon will be at your side to prompt you during the actual ceremony should you require him to do so. Your duties to the Lodge in particular and to Freemasonry in general are much the same as that of the Entered Apprentice but your knowledge has now increased and your understanding of the principles of the organisation have broadened.

You should now be in a position to use this knowledge to prepare yourself for your next step in your Masonic career and so increase your enjoyment of the meetings that lie ahead of you. You are also in a position to encourage the Entered Apprentices that follow you by providing an example of dignified conduct and an appropriate bearing within the Lodge rooms and at the Festive Board.

Your Masonic education will be greatly advanced by witnessing a Second Degree ceremony as an interested observer and arrangements will be made for you to attend a similar ceremony as soon as possible.