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Hays Masons raffling 1963 Thunderbird Roadster


As part of the Kansas Masonic Foundation’s statewide classic car raffle, the Hays Masonic Lodge is selling tickets for a chance to win a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Factory Roadster in incredible condition.

The proceeds from each raffle ticket are divided with 75% or $15 of the $20 cost returning to the lodge to be used for charitable works in the community. Over the past five years, this raffle has returned more than $1 million dollars to lodges throughout the state. During last year’s raffle, the Hays Masonic Lodge raised money for the Community Assistance Center and the Firefighter’s Relief Association, donating $1,000 to each cause.

The lodge will retain none of the funds raised, so every dollar raised is done so for the community. Tim Miller, area Mason expressed his hope for the raffle, “The Hays Masonic Lodge has been put in a position to help fund a local community service, which we can’t quite let out of the bag just yet, but we are excited to be able to support a program like this. We want to be able to support it on a continuing basis, so we really hope that the community rallies around this raffle.”

Details for the raffle and many of the other charitable works of Kansas Masons can be found on the Kansas Masonic Foundation’s website.

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