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Freemasons of Gran Logia Provincial de Andalucía – Deliver economic aid to Baby Care Unit

In an emotional act celebrated at the Hotel El Higuerón of Mijas (Malaga), framed within in its last Annual Assembly, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Andalucia delivered a cheque for value of 20,000 euros to the Association DEBRA Spain, collected in the length of 2016 by The lodges through various solidarity initiatives.

Last year the Association received a first cheque of the same amount that added to what was achieved this year makes a total of 40,000 € allocated to the cause to date. Andalucian Provincial Grand Master, Giles David Crawford stated that his goal is to raise another € 20,000 in 2017 to reach € 60,000 in total, € 10,000 more than anticipated at the beginning of this collaboration.

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain was present, Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, who spoke with a brief speech in which he emphasised “these moments are those for which it is worth being Grand Master”.

Likewise, Nieves Montero, President of DEBRA Piel de Mariposa, highlighted in her speech of appreciation the important work of awareness that the Masonic Lodges are carrying out in Andalucia: “Thanks to your help and the great knowledge you have generated, when a baby is Born with the disease in Andalucia, your family and your environment can contact us so that we can support them and guide them along the way from the first moment. ”

The DEBRA Piel de Mariposa Association has a specialised team of nurses, social workers and psychologist who support families and collaborate with professionals from the National Health System through projects such as “Born with Butterfly Skin”, when an affected baby is born Or “DEBRA at Home”, travelling to their home to accompany them, inform them and know their environment, establishing relationships with professionals from the school’s center, health center, hospital, etc.

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