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Freemasons Charity Hog Roast raises 1,400 Euros for Special Needs School in Denia


On Tuesday, June 14th local Freemasons held a gigantic hog roast at the beautiful country home of Worshipful Master Ray Guise-Smith and his lovely wife Coral. The primary function of the hog roast was to raise money for the Raquel Paya special needs School in Denia. This party was a huge success by every measure. More than seventy-five Masons and guests arrived to enjoy beautiful weather, food, entertainment and company.

The food consisted not only a gigantic 42 kilo pig providing enough meat for several helpings but also numerous side dishes and many delicious desserts. A free drink was included for the bargain price of just €15 per person. Many schemes had been dreamt up to raise more money. The first was when the gullible Master was persuaded to stick his head through a target while many guests paid a euro each and then took great pleasure in throwing wet sponges at him. Our erstwhile Director of Ceremonies, popular local DJ, WBro Darrell Clayton, thought he had not been soaked or humiliated enough so immediately organised an auction to throw him into the pool. A few low bids were attracted before Coral bid €100 for the privilege. There may be another story there but that is for another day. However, it was a great addition to the growing pot of money.

There were many other schemes to relieve guests of their money, including guessing the size and weight of the biggest lemon I have ever seen – certainly bigger than a grapefruit! Guessing the number of sweets in a jar, passing the hat for a collection and a grand raffle with excellent prizes. Music was provided by local singer Matt Mason whom I can say was one of the best singers I have heard in Spain! A great voice and huge repertoire of music. I certainly hope to meet up with him again soon.

In all a total of €1400 was raised for the school which is a fantastic amount for an event lasting just one afternoon. Thanks must certainly be offered to Ray for all the time and hard work he put in making this such a successful afternoon and for allowing seventy odd guests to take over his house and garden. Thanks too to all the willing guests who gave so willingly to a very worthy cause. Hope this will happen again next year as I will certainly be there.

WBro William Turney   Press Officer

Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

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